Friday, February 22, 2013


Well this past weekend, David finished painting the Living Room walls.  Now we just need to do the ceiling, baseboards, and crown molding.  Last week he had started painting the Kitchen ceiling, painted about half of the ceiling with one coat and we have not touched it since. At least the Living room walls were done.  The living room is already starting to look better.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Painting, Cleaning, Quilting, etc

So, we finally decided on a color for the kitchen.  David is now working on finishing at least the walls in the living room.  He has patched up all the spots that needed fixing in the living room.  He has also started putting the first coat on the ceiling in the kitchen.

I have been cleaning the DVD bookcase, dusted it from top to bottom, reorganized and decorated.  Working on cleaning up the kitchen.

I am hoping to get the dining room cleaned up so David can paint the ceiling.  He wants it cleaned up so he can paint the whole room, I want it cleaned up so he can paint the ceiling and I can start back to working on my quilts.

This past weekend, Xander helped clean up and sorting for donating a lot of clothes to Hannah Homes/Kings Ranch.  I have found a few more items to donate next month.

Xander is enjoying his drum lessons.  The last few weeks I have been taking Xander to Tuscaloosa for his Drum lessons, we grab lunch right before his lessons.  While we are gone, David has been using the quiet time to study (or as quiet as the time can be with 2 dogs that constantly want in or out when someone is home).  He seems to be able to accomplish a lot of what he wants/needs to get done while we are gone, at least more than he would in the same amount of time when we are all at home on the weekends.