Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday - Snow day

I scrapped the snow to show how much snow had fallen after 6am and by 11.

 This shows how much snow has come down between 11 and 12:30.

I have scrapped down to show another height at 12:30

3 Tech students came over to have a snowball fight with Xander and David.
 Xander thinking he does not need a jacket, just his pullover.
 Lets hit dad with a snowball.

 David launches one at Philip.

 Xander is trying to building a snow castle.

 Cocoa really wants to play too.

 Shot of snow fallen at 2:30
 snow is building

 Cocoa and BJ are loose and playing with everyone.

Cocoa's legs when I brought her in to warm up. She really has the snow packed in her fur. Had to put her in the cart to try and dry her off without her running around.

Snow - Cocoa's first real snow

Chair shows how much snow has actually fallen since 6 am at our house, before that it was all rain and ice. I know it was after 6 am because I had looked outside at that time and it was still rain/ice coming down.

Cocoa and I had to convince BJ to go out in the snow to go the bathroom.  

Once we got him out there, he was running and playing

 Both of them running and and jumping around.
 Cocoa decided there was something buried in the snow and had to be dug out. Of course BJ would not let me chain him, so when he saw the two dogs watching he took off after them, which meant I had to go out in the snow and pick him up once I caught him. The way he runs is with his chest close to the ground, which meant he had snow everywhere, because he ran around their fence 3 or 4 times before I caught him.
 Cocoa, once again, got caught around this fire pit in the backyard, which meant I had to go and get her uncaught. Both dogs had to be towel dried when they came in.
 The snow blew under the porch up to the back door, getting the grill.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cocoa's demand

Cocoa has decided to show her demand that I quit working on typing my document information for my internship and take a nap. Luckily I had just saved the document before she moved and closed the program.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Great News on Wayne's Open Heart Surgery!

Instead of having to replace the problem valves, they were able to repair them. He went in on Monday and came home on Saturday. He tires easily but is in good spirits. We went down on Saturday to see him, calming David and Xander's fears, plus making Wayne happy. Glenda said Wayne was really wanting to see Xander. BJ and Cocoa were happy to spend time sleeping in Wayne's lap. Glenda needed the help so she could catch up on some much needed sleep. Between worrying about Wayne, driving down 280 in Birmingham traffic on her way back and forth between the hotel and the hospital, and the last few nights at the hotel they had disrupted neighbors. Glenda said one night they had neighbors in the next room having a knockdown fight that the police had to show up for, another night they had groups of teens wandering around without supervision just making loud noises throughout the hallways. They arrived home yesterday afternoon and Glenda had to run to the grocery store and pick up a few staples and Wayne's new medications before the pharmacy closed, so she was just give out after driving back yesterday and having to deal with the grocery store. Wayne said just the ride home yesterday wore him out and he didn't even drive (not allowed to for a while).