Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday - Snow day

I scrapped the snow to show how much snow had fallen after 6am and by 11.

 This shows how much snow has come down between 11 and 12:30.

I have scrapped down to show another height at 12:30

3 Tech students came over to have a snowball fight with Xander and David.
 Xander thinking he does not need a jacket, just his pullover.
 Lets hit dad with a snowball.

 David launches one at Philip.

 Xander is trying to building a snow castle.

 Cocoa really wants to play too.

 Shot of snow fallen at 2:30
 snow is building

 Cocoa and BJ are loose and playing with everyone.

Cocoa's legs when I brought her in to warm up. She really has the snow packed in her fur. Had to put her in the cart to try and dry her off without her running around.

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