Monday, December 14, 2015

Please continue to keep my Father-in-Law in prayers. Delayed Open Heart Surgery.

We received news this morning that the pre-surgery blood work showed that his white blood count was extremely high. They have given him antibiotics and is sending him home. They have rescheduled the surgery until December 28th, at which time they are replacing 2 valves that are not working properly.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Please keep my Father-in-Law in your prayers.

Last April, my Father-in-Law, went in for neck surgery. He had several vertebrae that were fused together. The Doctors said he could move the wrong way and paralyze himself. During the surgery, he started loosing a lot of blood, so much so they almost lost him. They found that there was a valve in his heart that was not properly attached/working, that caused him to bleed internally. The heart Doctor and the neck Doctor wanted the other to preform their surgery first because they didn't want to be the one that caused problems on the operating table.

In October, the neck surgery and one of the heart specialists decided that he could not wait any longer and that they had to do the neck surgery.  There were no complications this time. He has been telling us how much better he feels and that he can swallow without pain now.

They called him Thanksgiving week, to come in to be cleared to have the neck surgery. He was cleared, they told him they would like to preform Open Heart surgery December 11th, but he told them his son was being hooded on the 12th and he wanted to go. They agreed to postpone until Monday, December 14th.  He is currently on his way down to Birmingham, Alabama to spend the night before reporting to UAB Hospital at 5 am for surgery. Glenda and her sister, Judy are going to stay at the hotel and travel back and forth to the hospital daily to spend time with him.

Please keep Wayne's surgery in your thoughts and prayers, along with the family as we all deal with our worry about him.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Not sure I can believe it

I took Xander to get new shoes. His were starting to get threadbare in places and he has only had them since August. Well his old shoes were men's size 10, his new ones are men's 11 1/5. He is only twelve, he can't have feet that big.