Tuesday, July 17, 2012

House Repairs continued

Day 7 - We came home to find that the had finished painting and left.

I waited a couple of days and did not hear from anyone about coming out to clean up, like I had originally been told they would do.  I called their Birmingham office and was asked why I needed someone to come clean up.

How/Where should I start. First off, I know my house is not spotless, it never will be, but come on now, it was never this bad.

Guess I will start with outside - front of house - insulation/dry wall ground into the front porch - they mess in the yard was taken care of by the winds and brief rain showers we have had in the last month.

 Marks on the front door (didn't think to take a picture of the dead bolt inside where they have what looks like plaster on the knob)
this is on the floor just inside the front door.  They tracked and ground drywall into the expensive rug in the living room.

There is drywall, etc on the steps

this one has blue paint that the painter was claiming was dog poop

   Upstairs bedroom floor has paint that they painted the hallway with
 Drops of paint down the hallway on the hardwood


 Assuming this is plaster or mud, but this white bump was never there before

 They swept the insulation along with anything that was not picked up into Xander's bedroom floor

 More mystery drops

Drywall dust in cracks of sitting area floor in Master Bedroom
That looks like mud/plaster on my white marble threashold into bathroom from sitting area

another shot of threashold, Whole has is covered in the dust you see

another threashold shot with dust in between it and hard wood
 Master Bathroom floor has this white stuff ground into the tiles and grout

this actually looks like plaster/mud dropped

Master bathroom into closet

Master bathroom - mud/plaster on sink rim

another shot of Master bathroom - mud/plaster on sink rim

another shot of Master bathroom - mud/plaster on sink rim 

paint on counter
paint in bathrub
 I ran water without putting the stopper down, walked out of room while water heated up and came back to over an inch of standing water.  It took almost 2 hours for it to drain!!! NEVER had this problem before!

Paint/mud/plaster on the edge of tub

Assume this is drywall dust on my glass shower door

plaster? on tiles of shower

Don't know what in corner of counter

they painted this room and you can't see it well but they nicked the wall

downstairs hallway - hardwoods ruined with drywall dust ground into it

don't know what they got in my back yard

Drywall ground into the bricks on my back portch