Thursday, July 12, 2012

Downstairs Bedroom

After the downstairs bedroom was destroyed by the water heater, David and I decided to speed up some renovations we had planned.  The main thing we decided was to skip reinstalling carpet and instead are putting down hardwood floors.  

We searched at all the "normal" flooring stores, we looked at Lowes and Home Depot but actually ended up over at Lumber Liquidators.  After seeing what they all had to offer we chose "Qing Scorpion Strand" Bamboo flooring from Morningstar.  They sent out a contractor to see about installation and he will actually be out next weekend to level out the floor and put down the wood.  

We decided to go ahead and work at getting the entire downstairs done in the same material, so the contractor will actually be doing the bedroom and the hallway near our stairs.  Hopefully, we will have him out after Christmas to finish off the living room and dining room.  

One thing we discovered during all of this.  One of the problems we have been having is that our flooring "pops".  We assumed it was because of the floors not being level and the sealant not working.  Turns out the problem is the builder used a water based glue to hold the laminate down.  This is not uncommon, water based glues are fine..unless you are on a slab, which of course we are.  Seems that the slab actually acts as a leech pulling in moisture from the ground, this moisture dissolves the glue so any sections that are not level pop.  Annoying but at least the builder saved money by using cheap glue.

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