Thursday, March 21, 2013

The way things go

Well, Spring Break arrives.  We had planned to go to the Grand Caynon with my in-laws, but delayed that due to my mother-in-law's health and restrictions on travel right now for her.  So David took off Monday and Tuesday to spend the time with Xander.

David has been telling me that he had pulled a muscle or slept wrong for the last week.  Tuesday night when we dropped Xander off with David's parents at dinner, David tells us that he is having sharp pains in his left elbow.  My mother-in-laws first thought is heart and David tells her no, it is not in his chest.  On the drive home, he complains of more sharp pains.  I mention going to the emergency room.  He agrees to go to the doc in the box on the way home from work the next day if it is still bothering him.  Of course it is, and now his hand is actually going numb.  They give him a few little tests and tell him to go imediately to the ER. 

We go to the ER.  We spend the night sitting in ER room taking X-Ray's, EKG's, MRI's and finally being told that he has a bulging disc that is so bad that they recommend surgery as soon as they can get a surgerical room available, which looked to be around twelve hours from then.  So sent facebook messages  to keep people informed, because for once, I did not have my phone chargers on me but I did have my iPad charger and the hospital had free wifi.

David ended up having  spinal surgery on C6 and C7 Thursday afternoon.  It was only supposed to take about 3 hours but took a little longer because of the size of his bones.  The doctor said he had neck bones the size of some peoples back bones.  He finally got to his room for the night around 8:45, Xander got to kiss him good night before heading back to Decatur with David's parents.  I stayed for about another hour to make sure he was situated and then I carried out all his clothes and drove home to take care of the dogs and grab 6 hours of sleep before heading back to the hospital to pick him up to come home.

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