Friday, January 25, 2013

Smart phones

This morning, my phone decided that the passcode I have been using is incorrect.  I tried everything.  I ended up calling Verizon's support to have them walk me through doing a hard reset.  While waiting for the phone to come back up and verify that it was working, I mentioned that my husband had told me that lately, at some point during the night my phone would reboot itself several times, with no pattern to the length of time between reboots.  She asked if I had any other problems and I told it will tell me that it is low on space but when you go and actually look it still has plenty of space.  She looked it up and said the space issue was a software issue but for some reason they never fixed the problem they just released a new version of the phone.  The rebooting issue she said was due to the batteries on smartphones are only made to last about a year. I don't have a house phone so my cell stays on 24/7 and I do a shut down/restart every so often, which means my battery won't last they typical life span they are supposed to have. She asked me if I wanted to order a new battery since my phone is 2 years old.  I told her I was debating on getting new phones anyways, and that I would wait and see what we decide to do about the phones.

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