Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Reason I haven't blogged

Well to be honest, between school, family and work, I have been a bit busy. I kind of forgot about posting to this blog. Let see, Spring of 2015 I started back to school. I am working on a dual degree of Marketing and Business Information Technology. I took 16 credit hours in the Spring, 6 in the Summer and 16 in the Fall. Last February we moved to another house to rent since ours had not sold so we were not going to be able to purchase the one we were leasing to purchase. So now we are in a bigger house that has some issues but I love it. The house has personality which, our house in Alabama had but it was modeled like everyone else's. The house we were in when we first moved here, was about 100 square feet bigger than our Alabama house but it felt smaller, it was a plain ranch style brick house. 

We moved to the new place back in February during the ice/snow weeks. We are in a space that compared to our home in Alabama, this place is that size and half again (more or less). We are loving it (well except David and Xander hate all the leaves they have to rack). The house has a lot of trees, that if we owned the house, several would come down quickly and I could be talked into replacing them with something else. 

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