Friday, June 15, 2012

Depending on your point of view

I am at the point where I have to find something positive.  So, it could be considered a bright side that the water heater waited until this week to explode.  It could have happened at any time while we were at Disney.  If that had happened we could have come home to find the whole house flooded and possibly floating off the foundation.

They have had to move walls, ceiling and flooring.  We know that at least 8 pillows, a European queen size pillow-top Sealy mattress and box springs, carpet, padding are all ruined.  I am trying to save the 6 hand made quilts that were in that room, along with the sheets that were on the bed and the ones that had been placed on the floor to go upstairs for washing before this happened.  We hand dried the 15 year old Amish furniture and hope it will be able to survive. We did not see any water on the tv, cable box, computer, printer, monitor, desk, bookcase, or Amish hope chest that were also in the room.  Right now they think the hardwood floors are fine in the surrounding areas - in the closet off the bathroom, the hall on the other side of the bathroom wall and the sitting area in the master bedroom right off the bathroom.  I did notice the wall this morning in the hall was bowed out and will probably have to be taken down and replaced too.

Right now we are kind of numb and shock.  We look and see lots of work to be done, but just can't thing of where to start.  Cold showers, heating of water to wash dishes.  Kind of makes you not hungry.

We finished painting that bedroom last fall.  I had planned on painting that bathroom this summer.  At least we had not installed the new ceiling fan in that bedroom.  I think I have it sitting in the dining room waiting on us to get motivated to installing it.

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