Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Need a change of luck

Lets start with - a house that is only 10 years old, should not have to have the gas line for the stove fixed, both upstairs and downstairs heating and air conditioning units replaced after they broke, hardwood floors having to be replaced after they tried to re-glue it and it kept popping, vinyl floor in kitchen having to be repaired 3 times before total replacement, slate in kitchen window fell - replace window and they forgot to seal the window, a fiberglass shower floor cracking because they cut a hole around the drain pipe too big so there was nothing supporting the floor -ruining part of the ceiling of the bedroom below - all within the first 5 years of the house being built.  Then this year on Labor Day, after surviving through the tornado's that came through, the roof leaked everywhere and had to be replaced.  Today we came home to find the ceiling in the downstairs bedroom dripping water and the bed soaked, thinking it was the shower leaking, went upstairs to find that no the floor upstairs had standing water and that the ceiling there was leaking.  Called the plumber thinking it has to deal with the water heater, they came and said that the water heater burst and a new water heater with installation but not cleaning up of damages would be about $1,600.  Water damage people came around 7, set up 5 dehumidifiers and took pictures of ceiling, wall and floor damage and are coming back tomorrow to deal with all the mess.  

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