Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Start of my Rambling Along

This blog, originally started last year, as a way to keep track of my quilting/crafts, but then I found  another blog site that I liked the backgrounds, etc. better for posting.  So this blog sat blank, unused, almost forgotten about by me.  Today, I decided that I would change the name to Rambling Along, and use it as a way to express my thoughts - and make sure I don't forget something.  I am among the first to admit that even if I write something down, it doesn't mean I will remember, or even be able to find the paper it was written on.  Now with so much going on, I thought I would start using this for all the rambling I may do and keep my other blog for all my crafting/quilting/baking, etc.  Maybe this way, I will be able to find my notes about such things, like my research into places that I wouldn't mind moving to, or vacations I would like to take, etc.

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